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Nog's Mini You [Heroes]

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Was the original Mini You just a little too friendly?

With all the personalisation of the Mini You, you can now create PERSONALIZED MINI HEROES with attacks, skills and more from just your Minecraft skin!

Create as many heroes with as many skins as you’d like, just load your skin into the Mini You model and you’re ready to go!

Includes pre-made configuration for ModelEngine, MythicMobs and MCPets.


  • Mini You Sorcerer [8 Bones | 5 Animations]

    • A slow moving, long ranged magician that casts bolts to attack enemies.

    • Their special ability deals damage to all targets in an area!

  • Mini You Paladin [8 Bones | 6 Animations]

    • A powerful melee based hero, they slash and stab with honor.

    • Their special ability allows them to parry damage back to their attacker!

  • Mini You Archer [9 Bones | 5 Animations]

    • A fast moving, quick attacking ranger.

    • Their special ability throws potions to stun their enemies!

This is a hybrid pack between my Mini You and my Mini Heroes. The skills and animations are similar in this pack. If you're looking for friendlier pets - or fully textured custom pets, check them out!

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