High quality vanilla styled furniture & more!

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Default Vanilla Furniture Set

Product information



Blends in perfectly with vanilla Minecraft!

This set includes 11 unique and functional furniture models + ready to go ItemsAdder configuration.

6 of the 11 models come with all the vanilla Minecraft wool color variations.

  • Stool (seatable)

  • Armchair (seatable) (16 color variations)

  • Stool (seatable) (16 color variations)

  • Wall Shelf

  • Table

  • Sideboard (16 color variations)

  • Drawer 1

  • Drawer 2

  • Curtain Left (16 color variations)

  • Curtain Closed (16 color variations)

  • Curtain Right (16 color variations)

  • ItemsAdder configuration (Ready to use drag & drop)

  • Installation guide for beginners

  • Raw files (.json, .png, .bbmodel)

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