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Jupiter the Allfather

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Included in the Jupiter the Allfather:

  • Father of gods Jupiter

  • Ranger and swordsman elite guard models

  • Jupiter’s arena schematic

  • All skill and projectile models

  • Jupiter’s sword

  • Key of Jupiter

  • MythicMobs configs

  • Custom sound effects and voiceacting

Special behaviors and abilities:

  • Slash and combo

  • Throw lightning spear

  • Teleports at target using lightning

  • Spins fast, releasing massive amount of lightning projectiles around him

  • Summons raging storm with tornado that pulls players

  • Summons storm clouds that follow players, damaging those in range

  • Fires circle of projectile around him

  • Bashes players around with his shield

  • Under 50% HP summons elite guards to his aid

Elite archer:

  • ranged attack

  • charged shot that passes through targets

  • rain of arrows

  • teleports away from danger

Elite swordsman:

  • melee attack

  • teleports at targets

  • stabs to bleed targets

  • bash with shield

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs

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