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God of Fire Vulcan

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Included in the God of Fire Vulcan:

  • God of fire and forge Vulcan model

  • Fire elemental model

  • Vulcan’s arena schematic

  • All skill and projectile models

  • Vulcan’s hammer

  • Key of Vulcan

  • MythicMobs configs

  • Custom sound effects and voiceacting

Special behaviors and abilities:

  • Slash and combo

  • Jumps on target, smashing it with hammer

  • Throws a chain at target, pulling it towards him

  • Smashes down his hammer, creating a line of molten rocks which trap everyone inside burning

  • Raises volcano that throws burning rocks around

  • Grabs a player, burning him with his flaming breath

  • Summons giant fist from the ground, throwing away everyone in the area

  • Calls giant meteor from the sky

  • Summons minor lava elementals to his aid

  • Under 50% summons large lava elemental Helion to his aid

Fire elemental:

  • throws fireballs and levitates


  • throws fireball

  • melee players in range

  • casts fire beam at target

  • grabs player and burns him with fire breath

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs

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