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Included in the Hydra:

  • Hydra arena schematic

  • Hydra model

  • All skill and projectile models

  • Hydra head trophy model (for item frame)

  • 3 crafting item models (fang, scales, hydra poison)

  • MythicMobs configs

  • Custom sound effects

Special behaviors:

  • Loses or gains heads depending on HP, performs less skills with less heads

  • The less heads the bigger regeneration on HP she gets

  • High difficulty boss, requires ideally 5 fully equipped players or more with good cooperation

  • Massive AOE

  • Independent targeting on breaths, each head can target several players

  • It will detect players that try to sneak up from behind and uses special tail attacks

  • Uses 3 different elements


  • 3 different elemental breaths

  • poison spit

  • elemental volley

  • roar of fear

  • acid lakes

  • tail swing

  • massive bite

  • rip (finish off player)

  • eat (finish off player and regenerate)

  • throw

Pre-Made Configurations

  • Mythic Mobs drag and drop configs

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