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The Penitent Boss

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It is an honor to present to you the penitent boss, a worthy foe for this Easter season, an enemy that during its 3 phases will not give you a moment of peace.

This boss includes a total of 27 MODELS, over 50 animations, simple and reconfigurable code to modify your experience.

3 Models for the different phases of the penitent, models for its transitions, VFX, custom sounds, 3 custom boss bars, and several enemies that the penitent will summon.

  • First phase:

The penitent will hunt you down agilely. If you attack him at the moment he is about to strike, you can stop him, but be careful not all attacks can be stopped.

  • Second phase:

Through his Faith, his power has increased and the Almighty has bestowed upon him new tools to hunt you down. He will attract you with his roots, shoot long-distance cuts, summon rose bushes; you can stop his basic attacks in the same way as in the first phase.

  • Third phase:

It's time to face your final penance. The penitent will offer his body and soul to the Almighty, who will grant him unprecedented power along with a divine arsenal to end your existence, from plagues to bloody swords, a belfry, and cherubs with different objects to assist the penitent. Do not be distracted and be attentive to the sound of the belfry to prevent his attacks.

Face him and put an end to his penance once and for all

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