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The Fallen Heroes: Vol III - The order of lost Heralds

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Released: 10 Aug 2022

Following the return of the Order of the Fallen Heroes V1, 2021's mcmodels.net #1 best seller, The order of lost heralds brings a dramatic, intense, and refreshing combat experience, ideal for dungeon making!

Features a medium rank minion type hero from the order of heralds, that fights and parries with sword, and can revive in multiple armors, as long as there are any near!


– The Fallen Knight (3 models, +20 HQ animations)
MythicMobs Configurations (+1300 lines)
– Visual Effects custom particles (Bbmodels)
– Statue forms (Decoration & combat)
– Sword item model (Bbmodel – NOT FOR MODELENGINE)

Includes 3 types of statues with different purposes and Optimized models (1 armorstand) All of them include all cardinal direction variants, to ensure they’re perfectly aligned with the terrain when spawned with MM spawners.

Requires ModelEngine AND MythicMobs PREMIUM
Compatible with ModelEngine 4 and ModelEngine 3 Legacy


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